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Expanding Horizons for Spirituality Research
David O. Moberg, Ph. D.
Professor of Sociology Emeritus, Marquette University
7120 W. Dove Ct., Milwaukee, WI 53223  USA
©David O. Moberg 2011

ABSTRACT:  This analytic essay calls attention to challenging needs and stimulating opportunities for disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research on spirituality, a topic that cuts across and is relevant to all of the world’s religious faiths. Organized under eleven categories of the current state of the art, it provides a platform for future studies. Its provocative suggestions, predictions, and warnings relate to interacting perspectives on conceptual, comparative, theoretical, theological, political, scientific, methodological, professional, evaluative, and ethical issues, all of which are interlinked with each other and to interpretations of the central issue, humanity’s spiritual nature. The more we learn about spirituality and its all-embracing scope, the vaster, more complex, and more comprehensive are its recognized challenges for further research. It offers huge opportunities for future studies and for improving practical applications that serve individuals, associations, nations, and global society.

Download the PDF of the complete article Expanding Horizons for Spirituality Research by David Moberg

KEYWORDS:  Spirituality – Religion – Health - Human Nature - Research Opportunities – Theology - Future Trends - Research Methods




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