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Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Hartford Seminary
77 Sherman Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2260
phone: (860) 509-9542, fax: (860) 509-9509
general email: hirr@hartsem.edu

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Adair T. Lummis
Faculty Associate in Research
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: alummis@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus: Women's leadership of the church, immigrant and racial-ethnic groups in religious institutions and applied research for program evaluations.
Current Projects: Judicatory Leaders, Women Clergy Studies.

David A. Roozen
Professor of Religion and Society
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: roozen@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus: National religious trends and organizational change.
Current Projects: Faith Communities Today.

Scott L. Thumma, Director
Professor of Sociology of Religion
Director of Doctor of Ministry & Church Inventory Service
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: sthumma@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus: Megachurch dynamics, inter-denominational networks, nondenominational churches, religion on the Internet and homosexuality and religion.
Current Projects: Faith Communities Today, Megachurches Today, Nondenominational Congregations Study.


Sheryl Wiggins
Administrative Assistant
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: swiggins@hartsem.edu


*For questions regarding the Parish Profile, please contact Sheryl Wiggins at Swiggins@hartsem.edu.

*For questions regarding this website, its links, or corrections, please contact Scott Thumma at sthumma@hartsem.edu.



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