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Religion Data Resources 

There are many sources of census and social survey data on the web.  Most of these sources are cataloged on other sites.  Therefore some of the links on this page are to collections of links that we have found useful.  The sites containing religion data are less plentiful but considerable information can be found on the listed links below.  We have also found the various congregational locator sites to be of great benefit in our research efforts.   

Religious Data Resources
Social and Census Data Resources
Church Locators

Religion Data Resources

The Association of Religion Data Archives The Archive is the first place to go for religion data.   In addition to data files on hundreds of religion surveys, it is possible to map church membership data for the nation or individual states online. 

Summary reports on the location of congregations and numbers of adherents (Religious Congregations Membership Study 1980, 1990, 2000 & 2010) for all participating denominations can be compiled by counties, states, metropolitan areas, and the nation in table and map formats. 

The site also offers many other fine features. It is well worth the time spent exploring their site.

Adherents.com A compendium of religious membership figures and other facts.  Not the easiest place to find what you want, but every fact is documented with a source.   

American Jewish Identity Study pdf document This 2001 study done in conjunction with the American Religious Identification Survey (see below) provides data on issues of U.S. Jewish identity and religious practices.  Barry A. Kosmin &  Egon Mayer, principle investigators.   

American Religious Identification Survey A 2001 telephone survey of 50,281 households in the continental U.S.A.  This survey replicates the 1990 National Survey of Religious Identification done by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, Barry A. Kosmin &  Egon Mayer, principle investigators.

Christian Research Association (Australia)

Faith Communities Today  A 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2010 key informant survey of over 28,000 congregations from more than 40 religious groups and denominations. The study was coordinated by Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Hartford Seminary.  David Roozen is the project coordinator. 

Gallup Poll Topics and Trends:  Religion This section of Gallup's website collects a good bit of information from many of Gallup's recent reports and surveys of religion in the U.S. Unfortunately it requires a subscription.

National Congregations Study A 1998 phone interview study of key informants from 1236 congregations.  The study was conducted in conjunction with the 1998 General Social Survey. Mark Chaves, principle investigator.

North American Jewish Databank A repository of survey data and information on the Jewish population in the U.S. This site includes findings from the 1971, 1990, and 2000-01 NJPS plus over 100 other local and national studies covering Jews in the US and Canada.

U.S. Congregations Study This 2001 study combined a key informant study of over 1000 congregations and a member survey of nearly half a million worship attenders.  The site has just begun to release its finding on the web. 

Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches This site supporting the annual yearbook of denominations and religious groups in the U.S. and Canada contains some religious data from the book.

Database of U.S. Megachurches 

List of Denominational Home Pages

Listing of Parachurch Groups and Organizations

Social and Census Data Resources

U.S. Census Bureau
American Sociological Association - list of data sets
an excellent comprehensive list of online data sets.
Census and Demographic Data A well organized and annotated site of census data from Mansfield University, Pennsylvania.
Fedstats: One Stop for Federal Statistics 
General Social Survey Data Home Page 
Global Statistics - statistics on the human population
Social Science Gateways on the Net
Univ. of California database of gateways into many Internet data resource sites.
National Centre for Social Research A large independent social research institute in Britain that researches and provides information for social policy issues in Britain. 
National Election Studies  Data from this national study contains information on numerous religious questions. 
National Opinion Research Center  
The Gallup Organization
The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
The Roper Center's List of Other Survey Research Archives
The Social Science Data Analysis Network  
An excellent collection of online datasets and instructional materials.
University of Michigan Documents Center - A very nice comprehensive collection of statistical data sources on many topics. Specific sociological topics can be found there as well.
Harvard - MIT Data Center

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