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Thanks to the web, there are any number of ways to keep up with the various religious events taking place and making news throughout the world.   Several of the best sources are listed below.  In addition, below these sources we have listed links to several newspapers which consistently have excellent stories on religion.   

Religion News Service 
Religion News Service™ is an authoritative source of news about religion, ethics, spirituality and moral issues. The web site is informative and well organized.  RNS also features an email subscription service.

Worldwide Faith News - Press Release

Press releases for over 20 denominations and faith groups are archived on this site.

Yahoo! news alert service 
You can sign in and create an alert category (such as "religion") and then receive religion news by email. Yahoo! will notify you when a news article matches your interest. You'll receive the headline and summary via email, and can click to read the full story. 

onReligion.com - News about Religion and Culture
OnReligion is a news service that delivers religion news features every day via email.  The cost of a one year subscription is $29.95

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
This is the web home of the popular and well done PBS series which highlights religion and ethics top stories focusing, as the site says "on important and significant events, controversies, people, and practices of all religions, all denominations, and all expressions of faith."

Religion News Today's Daily Religion News Report
Crosswalk's excellent news and information site.  Crosswalk is a for-profit religious corporation oriented toward a conservative Protestant Christian market.

Evangelical Press Association
"The EPA seeks to promote the cause of evangelical Christianity and to enhance the influence of Christian journalism"

First Things 
First Things is a journal published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, "an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society."

The Foundation for Religious Freedom- Religion News

Faith and the Media

Religion Watch
Monitoring trends in contemporary religion

Links to news on the Internet

The United Methodist Reporter and its companion Web site is the country's largest publication that covers the Methodist denomination and other Christian groups.

Zondervan's Religion News & Journalism Links

Newspapers with significant religion reporting

Atlanta Journal & Constitution
The Baton Rouge Advocate
The Charlotte Observer
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
Dallas Morning News
Houston Chronicle
Los Angeles Times
Miami Herald
Minneapolis Star Tribune
NY Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
The Salt lake Tribune
US News & World Report
USA Today
Washington Post
Religion Journalism Links
This is not a pretty site, but it is full of links to every major newspaper which reports on religion, denominational news services, religious magazines and additional resources.





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