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General Sociology and Religion Links

General Sites for Sociological Resources

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace  
Electronic Journal for Sociology
Julian Dierkes' Sociology Links at Princeton
Loyola U. Sociology Department Web Links
More Sociology of Religion Links
Other Research Resources
Psychology of Religion Pages
maintained by Michael Nielsen at Georgia Southern University
Social Psychology Network
Social Science Data on the Internet
Sociological Research Online
SocioSite Religion links
Statistics on the World Wide Web
The SocioWeb
WWW Resources for Sociologists
Biblioteca Virtual de Ciências Sociais -
site is in Portuguese but contains many excellent
links to worldwide sociology sites.

General Sites for Religion Resources

American Religious Experience
Catholic resources
Comparative Religion
Concise Dictionary of Religion Online
Finding God in Cyberspace - A Guide to Religious Studies Resources
Nielsen's Psychology of Religion Pages
Pentecostal links
Pepperdine U. Library's World Religions Subject Guide
Psychology of Religion Pages
Religious Studies Web Guide
Religion Mega-Site
Religious Resources on the Net  
Resources for American Christianity
The Ecole Initiative Index Page
Virtual Religion Index Cover Page
Wabash Center maintains a very extensive
annotated listing of web site resources in
many areas of the study of religion.
Yahoo Search - Christian links




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