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Research Teams

Hartford Institute for Religion Research Staff:

Nancy T. Ammerman*
Adair Lummis
David Roozen
Scott Thumma

Research Teams:

Denominational Structures Research Team

James R. Nieman (Wartburg Seminary) coordinator of theological case writers

Assemblies of God
Sociologist- Margaret Poloma  (University of Akron and Southern California College, Costa Mesa)
Theologian- William Menzies
Historian- Gary McGee (Assemblies of God Seminary, Springfield, MO)
Denominational Liaison- Dr. LeRoy Bartel (Assemblies of God Headquarters) 

Association of Vineyard Churches
Sociologist- Don Miller (University of Southern California)
Theologian- Don Williams  (Coast Vineyard Church)
Historian- William Jackson (Black Mountain Vineyard)
Denominational Liaison- Todd Hunter  (National Director)

Episcopal Church
Sociologist- William Swatos
Theologian- Jennifer M. Phillips  (Trinity Episcopal Church)
Historian- Ian Douglas (Episcopal Divinity School)
Denominational Liaison- Bruce Woodcock

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Sociologist- David Carlson (Concordia College)
Theologian- Eugene Bunkowske (Concordia Theological Seminary)
Historian- Paul Marschke  (Concordia College)
Denominational Liaison- Rev. Ken Schurb (Assistant to the President, LCMS) 

National Baptist Convention
Sociologist- Aldon Morris (Northwestern University)
Theologian- David Goatley  (Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention)
Historian- Quinton Dixie  (Indiana University)
Denominational Liaison- Pending

Reformed Church of America
Sociologist- Don Luidens (Hope College)
Theologian- Stephen Mathonnet-Vanderwell  (Second Reformed Church)
Historian- John Coakley (New Brunswick Seminary)
Denominational Liaison-  Kenneth Bradsell  (Director, Policy, Planning & Administrative Services - RCA)

United Church of Christ
Sociologist- Mark Chaves (University of Arizona)
Assistant  Emily Barman (University of Chicago)
Theologian- Roger Shinn
Historian-Barbara Brown Zikmund (former President, Hartford Seminary)
Denominational Liaison - Lorin Cope (Assistant to the President, UCC)

United Methodist Church
Sociologist- James Wood (Indiana University)
Theologian- Pamela Couture  (Colgate Rochester Divinity School)
Historian-  Russell Richey  (Duke University Divinity School)
Denominational Liaison -  C. David Lundquist  (General Secretary, General Council on Ministries, UMC)

Congregational Field Research Teams

Faculty Advisor:
Patrick McNamara, University of New Mexic

Field researchers:
Doreen Neeley
Sandra Woerle

Faculty Advisors:
Fred Kniss, Loyola University, Chicago
Mark Shibley

Field researchers:
Sharon Bjorkman
Annette Prosterman
Debra Washington
Jonathon Wiggins

Faculty Advisor:
Darren Sherkat, Vanderbilt University

Field researchers:
Darren McDaniel
Sally Smith Holt

Faculty Advisor:
Avery Guest, University of Washington

Field researcher:
Jill Gill

Rural Alabama
Faculty Advisor:
Penny Long Marler, Samford University

Field researcher:
Daryl Healea

Rural Missouri
Faculty Advisor:
Mary Jo Neitz, University of Missouri

Field researcher:
Zoey Heyer-Gray

Field researcher:
Leslie Irvine

Field Researcher:  
Roberta Walmsley


*Nancy Ammerman is teaching at Boston University and can be emailed at nta@bu.edu. 



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