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Organizing Religious Work for the 21st Century

Reporting The Results

Online reports from the study:

The Summary Report of findings from the local congregational level of the study by Nancy Ammerman. Or see the individual Area Reports below.

New Life for Denominationalism, Nancy Ammerman's article on denominational identity reprinted with permission from Christian Century.

The Art and Science of Subtle Proactivity: Regional Leaders and Their Congregations  A paper presented by Adair Lummis at the Religious Research Association Annual Meetings, Columbus, Ohio, October 2001.

"The Role of Judicatories in Interpreting Denominational Identity" A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Religious Research Association Boston, 1999 by Adair Lummis.[Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this article]

Adair Lummis' paper entitled "Judicatory Niches and Negotiations"

A brief description of ORW congregational findings regarding the issue of homosexuality.

"Connectionalism Beyond the Denomination:  Local Religious Ecologies and Beyond"  a paper presented by Scott Thumma

Can Anything Good Come out of Rural Alabama? A paper written by Daryl Healea reviewing the research he collected in Alabama.

Finding Rural Churches:  Methodological and Practical Consequences of Invisibility A paper written by Zoey Heyer-Gray and Mary Jo Neitz and presented at the meetings of the Association for the Sociology of Religion.

Additional Reports from this study:

A Profile of Nondenominational Churches by Scott Thumma

A Comparison of Nondenominational Congregations from the ORW and FACT Studies by Scott Thumma

Books based on the findings from this study:

Church, Identity, and Change: Theology and Denominational Structures in Unsettled Times   
David A. Roozen and James R. Nieman (editors)    more information...

Pillars of Faith: American Congregations and Their Partners by Nancy Ammerman      more information...







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