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Organizing Religious Work for the 21st Century

Church, Identity, and Change:
Theology and Denominational Structures in Unsettled Times

David A. Roozen and James R. Nieman (editors)

Table of Contents

David A. Roozen and James R. Nieman

"More Than Evangelical": The Challenge of the Evolving Identity of the Assemblies of God
Gary B. McGee

Charisma and Structure in the Assemblies of God: Revisiting O'Dea's Five Dilemmas
Margaret M. Poloma

The Challenges of Organization and Spirit in the Implementation of Theology in the Assemblies of God
William W. Menzies

A Short History of the Association of Vineyard Churches
Bill Jackson

Routinizing Charisma: The Vineyard Christian Fellowship in the Post-Wimber Era
Donald E. Miller

Theological Perspective and Reflection on the Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Don Williams

Anglican Mission in Changing Times: A Brief Institutional History of the Episcopal Church, USA
Ian T. Douglas

A Primacy of Systems: Confederation, Corporation, and Communion
William H. Swatos, Jr.

Crisis as Opportunity: Scandal, Structure, and Change in the Episcopal Church on the Cusp of the Millennium
Jennifer M. Phillips

Structuring a Confessional Church for the Global Age: Admission to Communion by the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
Paul Marschke

Fellowship and Communion in the Postmodern Era: The Case of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
David L. Carlson

The Theological Meaning and Use of Communion: The Case of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
Eugene W. Bunkowske

How Firm a Foundation? The Institutional Origins of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
Quinton Hosford Dixie

The National Baptist Convention: Traditions and Contemporary Challenges
Aldon D. Morris and Shayne Lee

Becoming a People of God: Theological Reflections on the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
David Emmanuel Goatley

The Reformed Church in America as a National Church
John Coakley

National Engagement with Localism: The Last Gasp of the Corporate Denomination?
Donald A. Luidens

No Longer Business as Usual: The Reformed Church in America Seen through Its Mission Statement
Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell

The United Church of Christ: Redefining Unity in Christ as Unity in Diversity
Barbara Brown Zikmund

Strategy and Restructure in the United Church of Christ
Emily Barman and Mark Chaves

Faith and Organization in the United Church of Christ
Roger L. Shinn

Methodism as Machine
Russell E. Richey

Leadership, Identity, and Mission in a Changing United Methodist Church
James Rutland Wood

Practical Theology at Work in the United Methodist Church: Restructuring, Reshaping, Reclaiming
Pamela D. Couture

National Denominational Structures' Engagement with Postmodernity: An Integrative Summary from an Organizational Perspective
David A. Roozen

The Theological Work of Denominations
James R. Nieman




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