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Pentecostalism, along with Neo-Pentecostalism and the charismatic movement, are labels for a large section of the conservative Christian world which believes in the experienced presence of the 3rd person of the trinity-the Holy Spirit.  This segment of Christianity affirms to active involvement of the Holy Spirit in everyday life, including divine healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues (gossalia or an unknown language) and other manifestations of the Spirit's presence.

Membership in Pentecostal denominations (such as the Assemblies of God, Church of God In Christ, and International Pentecostal Holiness Church), and individual congregations are growing at a rapid pace throughout the world.  Yet little of the academic research focuses on this subject.  Nor are there many good sources of information about this topic on the web.

This section provides links to the helpful sites about the Pentecostal experience along with links to articles and research on this segment of the Christian world. 



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