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Articles on Homosexuality and Religion

Negotiating a Religious Identity:  The Case of the Gay Evangelical
an article written by Scott Thumma for Sociological Analysis

GAY RELIGION edited by Scott Thumma and Edward Gray AltaMira Press December 2004

Religious Beliefs Underpin Opposition to Homosexuality
The report on a survey conducted by The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life in October 2003.

Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality
An article by Walter Wink in Christian Century, November 1979

Coming Out: Journey without Maps
An article by Carter Heyward in Christian Crisis, June 1979

Conservative Christians and Gay Civil Rights
An article by Letha Scanzoni in Christian Century, October 1976

Gays and the Bible: A Response to Walter Wink
An article by Robert A. J. Gagnon in The Christian Century

Homosexuality and Christian Faith: A Theological Reflection
An article by Theodore W. Jennings in Christian Century, February 1977

Homosexuality and the Church
An article by James B. Nelson in Christianity and Crisis, April 1977

Homosexuality and the Evangelical: The Influence of Contemporary Culture
By Robert K. Johnston from 1979 book Evangelicals at an Impasse: Biblical Authority in Practice

Homosexuality and the Vatican
An article by Robert Nugent, S.D.S., in Christian Century, May 1984

Homosexuality: Challenging the Church to Grow
An article by John J. McNeill in Christian Century, March 1987

Interpreting What the Bible Says about Homosexuals
By H. Edward Everding from 1979 book Evangelicals at an Impasse: Biblical Authority in Practice

Joyful Worship in the Midst of Danger
An article by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott in Christian Century, September 1979

Process Thought and the Liberation of Homosexuals
An article by Arvid Adell in Christian Century, January 1979

Rethinking Homosexuality
An article by Don Browning in Christian Century, October 1989

The Last Committee on Sexuality (Ever)
An article by John Fortunato in Christianity and Crisis, February 1991

The Neglected Phenomenon of Female Homosexuality
An article by Seward Hiltner in Christian Century, May 1974

To Hell with Gays: Sex and the Bible
Commentary on the book The Bible and Homosexual Practice by Robert A. J. Gagnon, reviewed by Walter Wink in The Christian Century, June 2002

"It's Not About Civil Rights, It's About Holiness" Contradictory Institutional Logics in the United Methodist Church's Homosexuality Struggle 
by Amanda Udis-Kessler, Grinnell College

Queering the Dragonfest: Changing Sexualities in a Post-Patriarchal Religion
From Sociology of Religion, January 30, 2001 by Mary Jo Neitz

The Bible and Homosexuality
From the ReligiousTolerance.org web site

Gay Spirituality
John J. McNeill

Homosexuality and the Bible
an essay by Professor Walter Wink.

Pro-Gay and Ex-Gay – Is There Room for Dialogue?
A three part article by Heather Elizabeth Peterson,
Greenbelt Interfaith News

Other Sheep
Gay and Christian, Lesbian and Christian: Good News from the Bible

A cyber magazine for lesbigay Christians.

Samples of Louie Crew's Publications as a Gay Christian

Homosexuality and the Evangelical:  The Influence of Contemporary Culture
written by Robert K. Johnston

Interpreting What the Bible Says About Homosexuals
written by H. Edward Everding

Homosexuality: Challenging the Church to Grow
by John J. McNeill

GAY RELIGION edited by Scott Thumma and Edward Gray AltaMira Press December 2004

We've also written a few quick questions on the issue of homosexuality:

How religiously active are gay men?

Who are mainline pastors talking to about homosexuality?  

What is the most volatile issue facing mainline denominations? 



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