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Handbook for Congregational Studies

edited by Jackson W. Carroll, Carl S. Dudley, and William McKinney

Jackson W. Carroll, Carl S. Dudley, C. Kirk Hadaway, James F. Hopewell, Speed B. Leas, William McKinney, Mary C. Mattis, Wade Clark Roof

The following chapters of this out of print book are available in .pdf format.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader to view these files, you may download it for free from their web site.

Outside/Inside Cover


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction:  An Invitation to Congregational Studies

Chapter 2  Identity

Chapter 3  Context

Chapter 4  Process

Chapter 5  Program

Chapter 6 Methods for Congregational Studies

Chapter 7 Afterword:  The Double Challenge

General Appendix





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