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This section contains all the articles and research reports by Institute faculty that are available online.  Many of these articles are in other sections of the web site, however, this index may help visitors find a particular article more quickly.  We will be adding works here quite often.  The articles are listed alphabetically by the faculty person's last name. 

Articles with this symbol appear in .pdf format.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat to read these articles, click the yellow icon to download. 

Current Institute Members

Adair Lummis

“Heart and Head” in Reaching Pastors of Black Churches A paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, Montreal, August 2006

Program and Policy Research Dynamics in Authority Contained and Dispersed Church Systems  A paper presented at the SSSR-RRA Annual Meetings in Rochester, New York, November 2005.

Numinous Experiences and Reflexive Spirituality in the Formation of Religious Capital Among Feminist Women Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Association for the Sociology of Religion Philadelphia, August 2005.

The Middle Judicatory as a System of Congregations Connected to the Regional Office a judicatory research report summary

Judicatories' Ways of Encouraging Congregations to Share or Covenant with one another in Ministry and Mission a judicatory research report summary

Encouraging Large, Wealthy Congregations to Share Resources with Small, Poor Congregations, Second Research Report, Part B a judicatory research report summary

Regional Leaders Ways of Working with Congregations a judicatory research report summary

Getting Pastors for Churches & Clergy for the Judicatory a judicatory research report summary

Finding Leaders at All for Part-Time and Rural Parishes a judicatory research report summary

Nonstipendiary and/or Non-M.Div.  Pastors for Small Congregations:  Education, Oversight and Impact on Community and Covenant Within the Judicatory a judicatory research report summary

Connections and Unity Among and Between Congregations, Middle (Regional) Judicatories and Their National Church a judicatory research report summary

Summary of Major Findings on a 2003 Survey of the NCC Justice for Women Network
Results of a 2003 survey with analysis and summary by Dr. Lummis.

Reaching Toward Wholeness II:  Highlights of the 21st Century Survey, The Participation of Women in the Episcopal Church
Presented at the 2003 General Convention, Dr. Lummis provided research analysis for this survey.

Men's Commitment to Religion: Perceptions of its Nature, Nurture, and Consequences  A paper delivered at the Annual Meetings of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, October 2003.

What Do Lay People Want in Pastors?  Answers from Lay Search Committee Chairs and Regional Judicatory Leaders from Pulpit & Pew, Research on Pastoral Leadership, Spring 2003

Brand Name Identity in a Post-Denominational Age: Regional Leaders’ Perspectives On Its Importance for Churches  A paper delivered at The Annual Meetings of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Columbus, Ohio, October, 2001.

The Art and Science of Subtle Proactivity: Regional Leaders and Their Congregations  A paper presented at the Religious Research Association Annual Meetings, Columbus, Ohio October 2001.

Women Clergy Research and the Sociology of Religion
Written by Adair T. Lummis and Paula D. Nesbitt and printed in Sociology of Religion, January 30 2001. 

Women, men and styles of clergy leadership
A summary of the Clergy Women study by Barbara Brown Zikmund, Adair T. Lummis and Patricia M. Y. Chang

The Role of Judicatories in Interpreting Denominational Identity A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Religious Research Association Boston, 1999 

Judicatory Niches and Negotiations A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion San Francisco, 1998.

Women of the Cloth: A New Opportunity for the Churches A 1983 out of print book about changes that cultural images are undergoing as increasing numbers of women enter the ordained ministry of several Protestant denominations.

Dave Roozen

Meeting Evangelicals Halfway: Preaching spiritual practice could be the path to oldline renewal
The Zion's Herald, March 2005

Oldline Protestantism: Pockets of Vitality Within a Continuing Stream of Decline

10,001 Congregations: H. Paul Douglass, Strictness and Electric Guitars
The 2001 H. Paul Douglass lecture presented at the annual meeting of the Religious Research Association.

Four Mega-Trends Changing America's Religious Landscape
A presentation at the Religion Newswriters Association Annual Conference, September 22, 2001

A Study of Doctor of Ministry Programs
This 1987 study was conducted under the auspices of Auburn Theological Seminary and Hartford Seminary's Center for Social and Religious Research (HIRR).

Empty Nest, Empty Pew:  The Boomers Continue Through the Family Cycle

The Political Frame
This is an exceptionally large file.  You may use the link above to read the article in its entirety online or choose to download this file.

Scott Thumma

A lecture on Religion and the Internet
Given at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this lecture invited Dr. Thumma along with Rev. Charles Henderson and Elena Larsen to discuss how people are using the Internet for religious purposes.  You may also wish to visit the MIT website for a summary, transcript of the discussion, and an audio link to the lecture.

Megachurches Today
A Summary of data from the Faith Communities Today Project.

Nondenominational Congregations Study A compilation of information from both the Faith Communities Today project and the Organizing Religious Work Project.

What God Makes Free is Free Indeed: Nondenominational Church Identity and its Networks of Support presented at an annual meeting for the Religious Research Association.

Nondenominational Congregations Today  A report from the Faith Communities Today project

Negotiating a Religious Identity:  The Case of the Gay Evangelical an article written for Sociological Analysis

Exploring the Megachurch Phenomena A section from Scott's dissertation describing what megachurches are, their characteristics, and their resonance with the modern cultural context.

Summary of a Survey of Church Webmasters Students from Hartford’s Seminary Fall 2000 course on Religion and the Internet surveyed webmasters from 63 U.S. congregational web sites.  These sites represented Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and both conservative and liberal Protestantism congregations. Although the sample was small, there are many interesting findings from this glimpse into the process of creating and maintaining a congregational web site. 

Walking the Cyber-Labyrinth  A talk on the implications of the web on our spiritual journeys.

"Connectionalism Beyond the Denomination:  Local Religious Ecologies and Beyond"  a paper presented by Scott Thumma


Former Institute Members

Nancy Ammerman
Dr. Ammerman is teaching at Boston University and can be emailed at nta@bu.edu.

Doing Good in American Communities:  Congregations and Service Organizations Working Together
A research report written by Nancy T. Ammerman from the Organizing Religious Work project.

New life for denominationalism
Reprinted with permission from The Christian Century (2000).

Golden Rule Christianity:  Lived Religion in the American Mainstream Reprinted from LIVED RELIGION IN AMERICA (Buy it now) edited by David Hall (1997), published by Princeton University Press.

Organized Religion in a Voluntaristic Society
1996 Presidential Address in Sociology of Religion 1997
(available electronically and in .pdf format)

Telling Congregational Stories
The 1993 H. Paul Douglass lecture, in Review of Religious Research

Waco, Federal Law Enforcement, and Scholars of Religion  Reprinted from ARMAGEDDON IN WACO (Buy it now) published by the University of Chicago, copyright© 1995 by The University of Chicago. 

Report to the Justice and Treasury Departments

Carl Dudley

Welfare, Faith-Based Ministries, and Charitable Choice

Charitable Choice
An article written for Christian Century and reprinted with permission, March 14, 2001

"Field Notes" from the Christian Ministry magazine
A collection of 24 brief articles addressing congregational issues from the point of view of a congregational consultant.

Significant Research:  When Information Has 

The 1998 Presidential Lecture for the Religious Research Association.

From Typical Church to Social Ministry:  A Study of the Elements Which Mobilize a Congregation
The 1989 H. Paul Douglass lecture presented at a meeting for the Religious Research Association.


William McKinney

Religious Leadership, Religious Research and Religious Renewal
The 1997 H. Paul Douglass lecture for the Religious Research Association

Revisioning the Future of Oldline Protestantism

Jackson Carroll

Toward 2000:  Some Futures for Religious Leadership
The 1991 H. Paul Douglass lecture for the Religious Research Association.

Growth and Decline in Presbyterian Congregations
Written with Wayne L. Thompson and Dean R. Hoge

James Nieman

What Good Are Denominations? Telling a story beyond stain, schism, and silence
The Zions Herald, November 2005


Cynthia Woolever

Are We Accurately Sizing Up Congregations?
The Zion's Herald, November 2003




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