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A new book on congregational studies

Studying  Congregations:

A New Handbook

Studying Congregations:  A New Handbook

This important new handbook for seminarians and clergy professionals places the congregation itself, rather than individual scholarly disciplines, at the center of congregational analysis.  Studying Congregations: A New Handbook is a thoroughgoing revision and update of the leading textbook in the field (A Handbook for Congregational Studies). Using a comprehensive systems approach to congregations, this volume enables readers to analyze the ministries, stories, and processes that are at work in congregations. It provides techniques for studying the congregation as well as a framework for understanding the nature of the congregation.

Edited by: Nancy T. Ammerman, Jackson W. Carroll, Carl S. Dudley & William McKinney

Published by Abingdon Press,  P.O. Box 801, 21 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37202-0801  

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Authors are Nancy T. Ammerman, Jackson W. Carroll, Carl S. Dudley, Nancy L. Eiesland, William McKinney, Robert Schreiter, Scott L. Thumma, and R. Stephen Warner

The book's chapters include:

CHAPTER 1 - Theology in the Congregation: 
Discovering and Doing

CHAPTER 2 - Ecology: Viewing the Congregation Contextually

CHAPTER 3 - Culture and Identity in the Congregation

CHAPTER 4 - Process: Dynamics of Congregational Life

CHAPTER 5 - Resources

CHAPTER 6 - Leadership and the Study of the Congregation

CHAPTER 7 - Methods for Congregational Study




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