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Statistics and Poll Data

Everyday, we encounter diverse statistical representations of the attitudes and opinions of our nations' inhabitants.  All too often, we accept what we hear in the form of statistical reports as true and factual without question.  This section offers links to information that can help make the general public, and especially religious leaders, better consumers of poll and survey data.

We will continue to develop this information further over the coming months.  Please bear with us as we work to create quality content for this site.  We hope the current links and our future articles will help educate congregational leaders in the basics of statistics and the key questions to ask of survey research and poll data.  


Articles on Research Evaluation Issues
bulletAre phone polls accurate?  Telephone polls in the media
bulletWhen is Average Not Average? A research note about analysis of congregational data
bulletUsable Research
bulletQuality vs. Quantity:  Research Your Market
bullet Face-to-Face
bullet How are your statistical ethics?
bulletHow to tell good research from bad
bulletThe importance of a good questionnaire in a survey

Understanding Statistics
bullet Selecting Statistics
bullet Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
bullet HyperStat Online An Introduction to Statistics
bullet The Statistics Homepage
bullet Barna Research's archive of poll results

Survey Methods
bulletMail vs. Telephone Surveys
bullet You Can Ask - But Will They Answer?
bulletDo It Right or Not At All
bulletImage research and non-profits:  a case study




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