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Vol. II, No. 4

New perspectives on homosexuality

A new study found that gay men are significantly more active in religious organizations than heterosexual men or lesbians and male and female bisexuals when controlling for sociodemographic characteristics.  Darren E. Sherkat, a professor of sociology at Southern Illinois University, describes this research in the latest issue of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.  Examining the data from the General Social Survey, Sherkat also found that 4.3% of men and 3.1% of women report same-sex sexual partners in the five years preceding the survey. 

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The Hartford Institute section on Homosexuality and Religion has numerous online resources.  Previously, we have featured two other quick questions on the topic of clergy attitudes regarding homosexuality; once in August 2000 and again in April 2001.

Additionally on our site, read the recently posted article by Amanda Udis-Kessler titled "It's Not About Civil Rights, It's About Holiness" Contradictory Institutional Logics in the United Methodist Church's Homosexuality Struggle.

Religious Tolerance.org -  This site is a good comprehensive resource on the subject of Homosexuality and Religion.

On a different topic, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly and U.S. News and World Report have just released a new poll about Religion in America.  Specific findings from this poll can be examined at www.pbs.org/religion

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