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Vol. II, No. 2

Eastern Orthodoxy in the United States

Relatively little is known about the various Eastern Orthodox religious groups in the United States.  A recent research project by Alexei Krindatch (Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute) sheds new light on 22 major Orthodox (Eastern Christian) Churches in the USA. 
Krindatch found these Churches have a total membership of 1,200,000 adherents gathered in 2,400 local parishes.  This figure is considerably smaller than the commonly accepted estimations, which range as high as over four million.  The greatest disproportions between "claimed" and actual memberships were found in the two largest Orthodox jurisdictions - the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese which typically claims 1,954,500* members versus 440,000 adherents found in this research and the Orthodox Church in America which claims 1,000,000* versus 115,000 adherents identified in this research. 

Read more about the other interesting findings from this study (including rates of growth, assimilation factors, and organizational characteristics) at a new section on this web site.

*membership figures are from the Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches, National Council of Churches, 2000.

Helpful Links 

  • Find links to most of the major Orthodox Religious groups in the United States
  • Orthodox Christian Information Center - This is a very nice, rich informational site.  It is the best introductory site to start an exploration of Orthodoxy.
  • Orthodox WorldLinks - This site includes a large amount of information (over 700 links) about the Orthodox Church.  Unfortunately some of the links have not been updated in a while.
  • Orthodox.net - This site is sponsored by St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church and is full of material. However, the site's organization makes it slightly difficult to navigate.

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