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Vol. I No. 5 


At this season of giving we offer you our present …new religious research information available online. We have previously talked about some of these sites, but several have made significant changes that you should know about. We hope these gifts fill your quiet hours of holiday vacation with new sites to surf. Have a joyous holiday and a happy New Year!

First, the American Religion Data Archive (ARDA) has just finished a major upgrade of its site – and a fine upgrade it is. In addition to data files on hundreds of religion surveys, it is possible to map “church & church membership” data for the nation or individual States 
online. Summary 1980 and 1990 (and soon 2000) membership reports can also be compiled by counties, states, metro areas and for the nation. This is an excellent new feature. Check it out!

Finally, for those of you interested in religion outside the U.S., a large study of religion in Great Britain has recently been released. Information about it can be found at Churches Information for Mission. Unfortunately the report must be purchased but several of the findings are available in the online press release. This research is part of a larger project conducted in four countries. Watch for the U.S. data release in January. We will feature information from this U.S. Congregational Life Survey in coming issues of News & Notes.

Happy Holidays and Happy Surfing! 
The Hartford Institute for Religion Research Staff


* Read the December Quick Question which discusses how involved US congregations are in helping the needy.

* A new Congregational Web Review of the historic Christ Church in Virginia. 

* Updates to the Megachurch database! Some new additions and some corrections have been made as our list continues to grow. 



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