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Congregational Survey Question Bank 

Using ten of the most recent surveys of congregations, we have compiled a survey question bank for the following topics.  Presently, the question grids appear in .pdf format which requires Adobe Reader to view these files.  A free download of this program is available at the Adobe web site. We hope to have these in html format soon.  

View the question bank for these topics:

  • Contact Information  

  • Founding 

  • Social Composition 

  • Size & Attendance/Membership 

  • Budget & Finance

  • Buildings

  • Technology

  • Clergy Characteristics

View the question bank for these topics:

  • Affiliation

  • Internal Governance

  • Congregational Rules/Practices

  • Administration

  • Conflict/Problems

  • Bible/Authority

  • Mission/Values

  • Theological Designations

View the question bank for these topics:

  • Worship

  • Recruitment/Evangelism

  • Religious Education

  • Community Service





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