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Articles by Consultants
or Articles About Congregational Consulting Issues

If you are looking for resources about congregational life, you might also find the information in our sections devoted to Congregational Research and the discipline of Congregational Studies helpful.

4 articles by Carl Dudley 
from The Christian Ministry magazine, published by permission.

Many articles about church dynamics and the wisdom of these well-known consultants can be found at Easum & Bandy's web site

Research Services Articles from the Presbyterian Church (USA)
A listing of articles from their publication Monday Morning

Imagining a New Church
by Glen McDonald
The author describes how his congregation moved to helping inquirers become faithful disciples of Christ.

Ten Characteristics of a Healthy Church  
An article by Dr. Dale Galloway

Don't Argue - Discuss 
An article by John Maxwell

Learning from Lyle Schaller: social aspects of congregations
by Daniel V.A. Olson

Articles for Church Leadership
Maintained by Dr. Neil Chadwick

A Collection of Articles for Christian Leaders 
Located on the Transforming Christian Leaders web site

Leading Congregations, Discovering Congregational

by James P. Wind

Theological Foundations for Resolving Church Conflict
by Ken Newberger



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