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Judicatory Research

Research report summaries by Adair Lummis

Research Report Conference I: The Middle Judicatory as a System of Congregations Connected to the Regional Office

Research Report Conference IIa:  Judicatories' Ways of Encouraging Congregations to Share or Covenant with one another in Ministry and Mission

Encouraging Large, Wealthy Congregations to Share Resources with Small, Poor Congregations, Second Research Report, Part B

Research Report Conference III: Regional Leaders Ways of Working with Congregations

Research Report Series IV: Getting Pastors for Churches & Clergy for the Judicatory

Research Report Series 4.2: Finding Leaders at All for Part-Time and Rural Parishes

Research Report Series 4.3 - 4.4:  Nonstipendiary and/or Non-M.Div.  Pastors for Small Congregations:  Education, Oversight and Impact on Community and Covenant Within the Judicatory  

Research  Report V:  Connections and Unity Among and Between Congregations, Middle (Regional) Judicatories and Their National Church

Insight Essays by Loren Mead


Affect Congregational Autonomy

Intervention Moments:  Places and Times When There is Opportunity for Change

Large and Wealthy Congregations:  Dynamics in the Relationships with Their Judicatories

Response to Research Report 4.2, and Further Insights on Finding Clergy for Small, Rural Congregations




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