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This section offers research findings, articles and informative links on the judicatory organizational level of religious denominations.

The term judicatory refers to any regional, connectional office of a denominational structure.  This office is usually responsible for the governance of and providing resources to its local congregational bodies.  The responsibilities and authority of this office varies somewhat depending on the denomination or religious group.

Different denominational and religious groups have many names for this middle level of organization including State Association, Conference, Diocese, District, Presbytery, Region, Synod.  Likewise, the chief executive in this office may go by different names from president to pastor to Bishop.  Most judicatory offices employ a number of staff in addition to the senior official. 

Articles on judicatories

Links to judicatory homepages
(coming soon)

Research on judicatories

Bibliography of scholarly writings on denominations
These often include information on judicatories.  Within several months, we hope to have a bibliography exclusive of writings on judicatories alone.




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