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Articles on Denominations

Ammerman, Nancy

New life for denominationalism
Reprinted with permission from The Christian Century (2000).

Golden Rule Christianity:  Lived Religion in the American Mainstream*
Reprinted from LIVED RELIGION IN AMERICA edited by David Hall (1997), published by Princeton University Press.

*This article is in .pdf format.  ...If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, click the icon to download it for free.

Organized Religion in a Voluntaristic Society*
1996 Presidential Address in Sociology of Religion 1997

SBC Moderates And The Making of a
Postmodern Denomination

From Christian Century September 22-29, 1993.

Duke, James T.

Latter-Day Saints in a Secular World: What We Have Learned About Latter-Day Saints From Social Research
From the Martin B. Hickman Outstanding Scholar Lecture, Brigham Young University, March 4, 1999

Krindatch, Alexei

The Orthodox Church in the United States: A Summary Research Report.

The Orthodox Churches in the USA at the Beginning of a New Millennium:  The Questions of Nature, Identity and Mission

How many Eastern Orthodox are there in the USA? a research summary written from this project

Sherkat, Darren 

Investigating the Sect-Church-Sect Cycle:
Cohort Specific Attendance Differences
Across African American Denominations  

Tracking the Restructuring of American Religion: Religious Affiliation and Patterns
of Religious Mobility, 1973-1998  

A research summary from the Faith Communities Today Project:

How Strong is Denominational Identity?




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