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1988  -  Director, Hartford Institute for Religion Research and Professor of Religion and Society.   Responsibilities:  Administration of $1,000,000 per year research program with five Ph.D. staff; National and local survey research; Program evaluation; Grant and project administration; Organizational consulting; Teaching in the areas of religion and society, church and community, organizational change, American pluralism, congregational studies.

1979-87 Associate Director, Hartford Seminary, Hartford Institute for Religion Research.

1975-77 Adjunct, Department of Sociology, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT. Courses taught:  Research Methods;  Sociology of Religion.

1974-79 Assistant Director of Research, Hartford Seminary.

1973-74 Coordinator of Training and Evaluation, Appalachian Child Care Project,    Georgia Department of Human Resources,  Atlanta, Georgia.

1972-73 Graduate Research Assistant, Religious Research Center,  Emory University    and the Georgia Mental Health Institute Atlanta, Georgia.

1971-72 Teaching Assistant, Emory University.

1969-71 Teaching Assistant, Florida State University.

Ph.D.,   Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, PhD. 1979. Major:  Sociology of Religion.

M.A.,   Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, MA, 1971 Major:  Religion and Society   Minor:  Sociology.

B.A.,  Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, BA, Cum laude,  1969.        Major:  Philosophy/Religion.

American Academy of Religion, American Sociological Association, Religious Research Association (Annual Meeting Program Chair, 1982; Board Member 1983-1985; Media Relations Chair, 1981-1989; Treasurer 1986-Present); Society for the Scientific Study of Religion — 25 Year Fellow (Nominating Committee, 1979; Treasurer 1982-1985; Media Relations Chair 1981-1989; Investment Committee, 1993-1996).

Institute for Community Research (Board of Directors 1991-- , Chair Internal Review Board 1999 --); Urban-Suburban Affordables, Inc. (President, 1993--).

Co-Principal Investigator:  Organizing Religious Work for the 21st Century: Exploring "Denominationalism" is studying  the emerging patterns of organization, both internal and connectional, through which religious work is done--local, regional and national--exploring both the transformation of historical structures and the emergence of entirely new configurations and entities. We are exploring the social and theological causes and implications of the emergent patterns, including the possibility that they are related to new definitions of the very nature of religious work. To do this we are engaged in three distinct, but closely coordinated, sub-projects. One sub-project (which I direct) takes the national "denomination" as its focus; a second focuses on regional judicatories; and a third uses the local congregation as the starting point, moving outward to ask how congregations form the functional networks through which they accomplish their work in the world and by which they themselves are shaped. Taken together, the primary task of the sub-projects is to understand the existing functional systems through which religious work is done in the United States.

Co-Director:  Faith Communities Today/The Cooperative Congregational Studies Project is the largest survey of congregations ever conducted in the United States.  It is also the most inclusive, denominationally sanctioned program of interfaith cooperation. The project was initiated to enhance the capacity of participating religious denominations and faith groups to conduct and use congregational studies.  It also was initiated to provide a public profile of the organizational backbone of religion in America — congregations — at the beginning of a new millennium. The FACT data is an aggregation of 26 sub-surveys of congregations representing 41 denominations and faith groups.  Project participants developed a common, key informant, “core” questionnaire.  Groups then conducted their own, typically mail, sub-surveys adapting the common core questionnaire to their particular traditions.  Each group also adapted project guidelines to draw its own sample of congregations. In total, the 26 FACT sub-surveys included returned questionnaires from 14,301 congregations. The project’s core questionnaire includes over 200 questions covering six broad areas:   Worship and identity;   Location and facilities;   Internal and mission oriented programs;   Leadership and organizational dynamics;   Participants; and   Finances. Nineteen-eighty and 1990 US Census data for the zip code in which a congregation is located were added to a congregation’s survey data as were 2000 and 2005 estimates and 2010 projections.  Findings from the aggregated survey data were released in a paper and electronic report during March, 2001.  Further analyzes, press releases and an interactive workbook for congregational leaders and consultants are available at: fact.hartsem.edu.

Co-Director:  Research Based Learning Communities Supported By Electronic Pedagogies is developing creative ways to share research-based information with congregations, religious bodies and their leaders, and the general public, and to use “electronic” conversations and feedback from these constituencies to define needed research. A key component is new web-based applications that will make research information readily accessible over the Internet.  Emerging resources from this project can be found at: hirr.hartsem.edu. Among the many components of this grant, I am directing the development of a web-based location for the national denomination structure publications of the Organizing Religious Work project and leading a three year seminar with an inter-denominational group of denominational COOs.

I have been a principal or director on 29 previous grants or proprietary projects funded by 16 different organizations.  The substantive nature of these projects is generally reflected in my publications.

1978 The Churched and Unchurched in America:  A Comparative Profile.  Washington, DC:  Glenmary Research Center.

1979 Understanding Church Growth and Decline, 1950-1978.  Dean R. Hoge and David A. Roozen (eds). New York:  Pilgrim Press.

1982 Religion's Public Presence:  Community Leaders Assess the Contribution of Churches and  Synagogues.  William McKinney, David A. Roozen, and Jackson W. Carroll.  Washington, DC:  The Alban Institute.

1984 Varieties of Religious Presence:  Mission in Public Life.  David A. Roozen, William McKinney and Jackson W. Carroll.  New York:  Pilgrim Press.

1993 Church and Denominational Growth.  David A. Roozen and C. Kirk Hadaway (eds).  Nashville:  Abingdon Press.

1993 The Globalization of Theological Education.  Alice Frazer Evans, Robert A. Evans and David A. Roozen (eds).  Maryknoll, New York:  Orbis Books.

1994 Rerouting the Protestant Mainstream.  C. Kirk Hadaway and David A. Roozen.    Nashville:  Abingdon Press.

1995 The Post-War Generation and Religious Establishments:  Cross Cultural Perspectives.  Wade Clark Roof, Jackson W. Carroll and David A. Roozen (eds).  Boulder:  Westview Press.

1996 Changing The Way Seminaries Teach. David A. Roozen, Alice Frazer Evans and Robert A. Evans. Simsbury, Connecticut: Plowshares Institute

2001  Faith Communities Today: A Report on Religion in the United States Today. Carl S. Dudley and David A. Roozen. Hartford, Hartford Institute for Religion Research.

2003  Interfaith FACT’s:  An Invitation to Dialogue.  Martin Bailey and David A. Roozen (eds). Hartford, Hartford Institute for Religion Research. 

**** Denominational Identities in Unsettled Times: Theology, Structure and Change (Working Title). Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. Forthcoming, Fall, 2003.

Book Chapters
1978 "Continuity and Change:  The Shape of Church Life in the United States."  with  assistance of Jackson W. Carroll.  Chapter I  in Carroll, Johnson, and Marty (eds.) Religion in America:  1950 to Present.  New York:  Harper and Row.

1979 "The Efficacy of Demographic Theories of Religious Change."  Chapter V in Understanding Church Growth and Decline, 1950-1978.

1979 "Recent Trends in Church Membership and Participation:  An Introduction", with Jackson W. Carroll, in Understanding Church Growth and Decline, 1950-1978.

1980 "The Non-Religious, The Indifferent and The Estranged Evangelical:  The Unchurched in New England".  Chapter I in Gill (ed.)  The New England Church Resource Handbook, Boston:  Evangelistic Association of New England.

1981 "Church Growth and Decline,"  In Luecke (ed.)  Resources for Church Administrators,  Valparaiso, IN:  Valparaiso College of Business Administration.

1991 "The Unfolding Story of Congregational Studies," with Allison Stokes.  In Carroll, Dudley and Wind (eds.), Carriers of Faith.  Louisville:  Westminster/John Knox Press.

1993 "Denominations Grow as Individuals Join Congregations."  In Roozen and Hadaway (eds). Church and Denominational Growth.  Nashville:  Abingdon Press.

1993 "From Church Tradition to Consumer Choice: The Gallup Surveys of Unchurched Americans," with Penny Long Marler.  In Roozen and Hadaway (eds), Church and Denominational Growth.  Nashville: Abingdon Press.

1993 "Institutional Change and the Globalization of Theological Education." Chapter 11 Essay in The Globalization of Theological Education. Maryknoll:  Orbis Press.

1995 "Fifty Years of Religious Change in the United States," with Jackson W. Carroll and Wade Clark Roof.  In Roof, Carroll and Roozen (eds), The Post War Generation and Establishment Religion.  Boulder:  Westview Press.

1995 "A Framework for Understanding Congregational Affiliation:  Suggestions from Research within the Christian Tradition." In Tobin and Sales (eds.), Church and Synagogue Affiliation: Theory, Research and Practice. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press.

Special Journal Issues
1980  "Pastor and Parish as Co-Learners in the Doctor of Ministry Project:  An Experiment in Theological Education,"  in conjunction with Adair Lummis, Douglass Lewis and Jackson W. Carroll.  February, 1980,  special issue of Theological Education.

1980  "The Unchurched American:  A Second Look,"  guest editor with Dean R. Hoge, Review of Religious Research (Summer)1987, "Religious Television," guest editor, Review of Religious Research (December)

1991  "Patterns of Globalization:  Six Studies," guest editor, Theological Education (Spring)

1973  "National Sample Questions on Religion:  A Review of Material Available from the Roper Public Opinion Research Center,"  with Jackson W. Carroll, Journal of the Scientific Study of Religion, (September).

1976  "Belief Without the Church,"  Praxis, (Fall).  Reprinted in Developing Ministry with Young Adults:  A Leadership Enrichment Kit,  Thesis Cassettes:  Atlanta, Georgia, February, 1977.

1976  "Church Membership:  Some Findings and Questions about the Future."  Praxis, (Winter).

1980  "Church Dropouts:  Changing Patterns of Disengagement and Re-Entry,"  Review of Religious Research (June).

1984  "What Hath the 1970s Wrought:  Religion in America,"  Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches.

1986  "Christ and Culture Revisited," Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches.

1989  "Methodological Issues in Denominational Surveys of Congregations," with Jackson W. Carroll, Review of Religious Research, (December).

1990  "The Big Chill Generation Warms to Worship," with William McKinney and Wayne Thompson, Review of Religious Research, (March 1990).

1993  "Congregational Identities In the Presbyterian Church," with Jackson W. Carroll, Review of Religious Research, (June, 1990).

1993  "If Our Words Could Make It So:  Comparative Perspectives from the 1983 and 1989 Surveys of Globalization in Theological Education," Theological Education (Autumn).

1993  "The Post-War Generation and Establishment Religion:  A Window to 50 Years of Religious Change in the United States,"  with Jackson W. Carroll and Wade C. Roof.  Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions. Vol 83 (Juillet-Septembre).

1993  "A Premature Obituary," with Carl Dudley.  Christian Century (September 22-29, 1993).

1998  “Churches Speak to Priorities for NACCC Services.”  The Congregationalist (April/May).

2001   “10,001 Congregations:  H. Paul Douglass, Strictness and electric Guitars. “  2001 H. Paul Douglass lecture.  Review of Religious Research, vol 44:1.

2002   “Worship and Renewal: Surveying Congregational Life.”  The Christian Century, June 5-12, pp. 10-11.

Hartford Institute and Proprietary Reports
1975 "An Evaluation of the Berkeley Center Program in Urban Ministry,"  with Jackson W. Carroll,  (June, 41 pages: proprietary)

1975  "The Problems and Potentiality of Developing Social Indicators of Religion."  (July, 25 pages).  Originally developed for presentation to the Second General Assembly of the World Future Society.

1975  Religious Participation in American Society:  An Analysis of Social and Religious Trends and Their Interaction, with Jackson W. Carroll.  (August, 154 pages.)

1975  "National Public Opinion Surveys as One Means for Developing Religious Indicators."  (October, 56 pages.)  Originally developed for presentation at the annual meeting of the Religious Research Association, 1975.

1975  Church Membership and Participation:  Trends, Determinants, and Implications for Policy and Planning.  (December, 75 pages.)  Written as background document for a national symposium on church growth and decline.

1979  "Technical Appendix to Understanding Church Growth and Decline, 1950-1978," edited with Dean R. Hoge.  (June, 116 pages.)

1982  "The Parish Profile Inventory as a Resource for Assessment and Planning,"  with Jackson W. Carroll.  (August, 22 pages)

1983  Religious Presence in the Capitol Region:  A Profile of Congregations' Outreach into the Communities,"  with Jackson W. Carroll and William McKinney.  (February, 40 pages)

1983 Church Membership Statistics:  1970-1980, with Jackson W. Carroll.  The Alban Institute:  Washington, DC  (30 pages).
1985 A Guide to Interpreting the Church Planning Inventory.  (December, 18 pages)

1986 "The Citizens of the World Program:  Its First Trimester," with Adair Lummis.  (March, 29 pages:  proprietary)

1986 Research Approaches Using the Church Planning Inventory Project Data Set.  (July, 53 pages.)

1986 A Study of Doctor of Ministry Programs, with Jackson W. Carroll, Barbara G. Wheeler, and Adair T. Lummis.  (December, 247 pages.)

1987 Leadership and Theological Education in the Episcopal Church, with Adair T. Lummis.  Prepared for the Strategic Planning Committee of the Board for Theological Education (May, 74 pages.)

1988 "Globalization and Change in Seminaries,"  with Adair Lummis.  (November, 64 pages:  proprietary).

1989 "ATS Task Force on Globalization Survey of Institutional Response to Global Theological Education:  Executive Summary and Marginals," with Adair Lummis. (July, 18 pages:  proprietary.)

1989 "Interpretive Summary of Survey of Institutional Response to Global Theological Education." (November, 10 pages:  proprietary.)

1990 "Evaluation of Lilly Grants in the Area of Congregational Studies," with Allison Stokes.  (March: proprietary.)

1993  "Institutional Change and the Globalization of Theological Education."  (Working paper 9301, 33 pages.)

1993 "Inclusiveness and Identity"  The Twin Peaks of the Mainline Dilemma."  (Working paper  9302, 20 pages.)

1993  "Empty Nest, Empty Pew."  (Working paper 9310, 8 pages.)

1994  "Development of the Anglicanism, Globalism and Ecumenism Program."  Prepared for the Episcopal Divinity School.  (May, proprietary.)

1995  "The Political Frame."  (Working pager 9508; 20 pages.)

1996  "Empty Nest, Empty Pew -- Updated with latest Data"  (hirr.hartsem.edu/about/roozen_articles.htm)

1998  “Toward the Future of Associational Services: National Association of Congregational Christian Churches Survey of clergy and Lay Leaders.”  (March, proprietary.)

2000   “The Political Frame.”  (Revised for web publication:  (hirr.hartsem.edu/about/roozen_articles.htm)

2001   Four Mega-Trends Changing America’s Religious Landscape.  Originally presented at the Religion Newswriters’ Association Annual Conference.  September 22, 2001 (Boston).  Available online at:  (hirr.hartsem.edu/about/roozen_articles.htm)

2002    Organizing Religious Work: An Introduction and Summary of Findings.  Nancy T. Ammerman, Adair T. Lummis, David A. Roozen, James Nieman and Scott L. Thumma. July, 2002

2002    FACT Topical Finding Series, Summer, 2002

1975 The Church on the Hill.  West Hartford, CT:  VOTU, Inc.  A thirty minute video tape case study of the United Church of Christ in Lenox, Massachusetts.

1976 The Ohio Small Church Project.  West Hartford, CT:  VOTU, Inc.  A sixty-minute video tape case study of the consequences of a national denominational intervention into the lives of seventeen small United Church of Christ congregations in North Central Ohio.

1985 The Varieties of Religious Presence.  Hartford Seminary and United Church  Board for Homeland Ministries.  A 22 minute slide/tape presentation on congregations expressing different mission orientations.   Available on video tape since 1989.

1986 Interpreting the Church Planning Inventory.  A thirty minute video tape of excerpts from an actual church planning task force meeting in which an experienced consultant leads the task force through an analysis of their congregation's Church Planning Inventory Data.





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