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Be part of a twenty year tradition at Hartford Seminary!

A unique opportunity to engage living congregations
and explore together how hospitality works

"I believe the Congregational Studies Institute provides a rare opportunity for clergy, judicatory staff and others interested in working with congregations to learn new ways of understanding what is really going on at the local level."

James Wind, former Executive director of The Alban Institute, Washington, D.C.

"I think that to bring critical perspective to congregations, appreciating the congregation and its contribution and role in God's work in the world, but also appreciating it critically, that's what we need for the future."

Jackson Carroll, Professor Emeritus, Duke Divinity School
Join us as Hartford Seminary’s religion research faculty offer a unique educational event combining hands-on exploration in congregations and current research. 

  • Discover, appreciate, and understand the life of congregations
  • Learn skills and tools that can strengthen your leadership
  • Study actual congregations to sharpen your abilities
  • For continuing education or degree credit — housing available

Every 2 years, the faculty of Hartford Institute for Religion Research hold a week long educational event including reading, lectures, group reflection, and field experience in congregational studies. 

Generally, these bi-annual conferences sponsored by Hartford Seminary are disciplined immersions which will preview the basic tools for congregational analysis and renewal.  Beginning with readings, plenary sessions, and interviews in local communities, small group field studies are used to examine three significantly different congregations, compare their approaches, and explore options with their leaders. To ensure effective learning, enrollment is limited, and interested persons are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 

The 2011 Congregational Studies Institute Theme

This summer’s institute focuses on practices that are central to a
congregation’s identity and activity. In 2011, we will pay special attention to the cluster of practices focused on hospitality. By looking closely at hospitality, we will be able to see both how congregations work and what congregations mean theologically through such work. In addressing the practices, the Institute will integrate careful attention to the concrete and complex reality of congregations (learning tools of social analysis) with the strategic aims of practical theology (naming both what is and what might be,
in light of local and larger traditions). The centerpiece of the Institute is an actual study of preselected congregations in order to practice new skills that lead to recognizing important social and theological issues in congregational life

Time and Place
The Congregational Studies Institute is held Thursday, June 23 through Tuesday, June 28 at Hartford Seminary, 77 Sherman Street, Hartford, Connecticut. 

Tuition cost for this six-day institute (including classes, field trips, materials, and some meals) is $575. Three graduate level credits (Ph.D., D.Min. or Masters) are available at an additional cost of $1165. Information on housing will be available upon application to the Institute. 

Information on housing will be available upon application to the Institute.

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David A. Roozen
Hartford Institute for Religion Research; Professor of Religion and Society  




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