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An Invitation to Publish Brief Summaries
of Your Research on Our Web Site

The Hartford Institute web site will host summaries of scholarly research which have direct application for clergy, denominational executives, and other religious leaders. These summaries should focus on one finding, or a related set of findings, that have practical implications for local congregations or religious organizations. If you think your research has significant "applied" relevance for religious leaders, please contact Scott Thumma at sthumma@hartsem.edu or (860) 509-9571

Instructions for submissions:

The writing should have a clear point, thesis, or topic detailing one aspect of your research. This thesis should have direct relevance for and be of interest to clergy, congregational members, and/or denominational officials. It should be written in straightforward language (cf. newspaper, Christian Century, etc.) without jargon or complex statistics. The use of subheadings and bullets is encouraged. Attach submissions to an email and send them to Scott at sthumma@hartsem.edu.


  • Approximately 1 page of text - typed, single spaced, 12 pt. font, MS word format
  • One simple table or chart if necessary

One or two catchy "teasers," factoids or headline as a lead in to the piece.

You should also provide:

  • Your email, phone, mailing address, institutional connection, and web address
  • Very brief details of the research project such as the title of the study, date, institutional funding, type of research methodology, numbers in study, and extent of study.
  • Whether you are willing to receive questions or comments by email.
  • The web address of any link to a larger description of your study on the Web.
  • 1 or 2 published references for "further information"
  • A few web links, if known, to other web sites with relevant information about the general topic.

Articles will go through a process of editorial revision by members of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research prior to acceptance or rejection. If your article is accepted for web publication, the document becomes the property of Hartford Institute. We reserve the right to make minor stylistic editorial changes once the document is accepted.

Scott Thumma
Hartford Institute for Religion Research




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